If your company is seeking a fun and creative way to establish a brand presence or get your marketing message across, Custom Crossword can construct a puzzle to your specifications.  Using names and words that you provide and rank by importance, I'll build a puzzle that includes as many of them as possible.  From standard 15 x 15-block puzzles to larger 21 x 21 constructions, you tell me what you'd prefer, and I'll make the words fit!

If you're hunting for that perfect gift for your favorite crossword fan, Custom Crossword can create a truly unique and memorable keepsake that will delight the recipient for years to come!  Simply make a list of the names and words you want in the puzzle, rank them in order of importance, and I'll construct a puzzle that fits in as many as I can.  Choose a grid size from 15 x 15 (the kind in most daily newspaper puzzles) to 21 x 21 (typically in Sunday papers)—whichever you prefer, I'll build it using the names and words you specify!