I'm the Editorial Manager, Puzzles, at Andrews McMeel Universal, where I've been editing the Universal Crossword, a daily internationally syndicated feature, since my senior year in college.  I oversee a team of puzzle editors whose portfolio includes the Apple News+ Crossword, USA Today Crossword, and a growing catalog of original puzzles on PuzzleSociety.com.  I develop (create, design, and code) playable prototypes for AMU's original puzzle concepts; I created Upwordly, Hex 10, and ThruLine and co-created The Modern Crossword, all of which are original puzzles currently featured on PuzzleSociety.com.

Previously, while still in college, I was editor of The Puzzle Society Crossword, a daily nationally syndicated feature for Andrews McMeel Universal and for which I also wrote The Puzzle Society Crossword Crossing blog.

Before that, at the age of 15, I became the crossword editor of the Orange County Register's 24 associated newspapers, where I edited a weekly puzzle feature for more than five years.